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Registry Vaccine

Registry Vaccine 3.2   Download Now  

Registry Vaccine - Is an advanced and powerful desktop protection utility that immunizes a PC's registry... Delivering total control of the PC back to user. All PC users will gradually experience the degradation of their PC's performance... Much of it can be attributed to Windows Registry Errors. Registry Vaccine brings back total control of the PC back to user...

Stabalize PC environment
Prevent Identity theft
Prevent most spyware and adware
Deliver Registry Integrity
Enhance PC Performance
Reduce System Downtime
Increase workstation productivity
Lower the risk of Virus, Worms etc.
Increase your organizations TCO
Works with all software applications
Improves the computing experience
Easy to maintain
Fastest and most accurate registry scanner


Registry Vaccine uses a robust registry detection algorithm to quickly identify missing and invalid reference calls within your Windows OS registry. Many of these problems are caused by debris left-behind after the un-installation or incorrect removal of software applications, by missing or corrupt hardware drivers, or abandoned startup programs.

A few simple steps with Registry Vaccine will scan your registry for any invalid entries and provides a list of the registry errors found. You will then have the option to clean each item individually or automatically repair all registry errors. Registry Vaccine also creates a backup of all repairs made so that you can recover from any changes if needed.

Author: Horizon DataSys Inc.
Platform: Windows All
File Size: 418 kb
License: Shareware, $19.95 to buy
Last Updated: Aug 30, 2006

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