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Whatever you did or installed on your computer and whatever you did to remove it: the Windows Registry may still remember it. Registry Washer looks what can be removed from the Registry and cleans it up, so it also helps you to protect your privacy by deleting all this old data. Clean up your Registry one time per month and be sure to have a fast and secure system. Including backup feature, easy-to-use interface and many useful options.

Easy-to-use interface
Search for unnecessary Registry entries on default places (like RunMRU)
Search for links to programs that do not exist anymore
Search for connections to old fonts that are no longer installed on your system
Scheduler to let the program start automatically after a time period specified by the user
All changes are logged in a Registry file that allows you to undo the changes
Program can be installed on USB sticks, floppy disks or nearly all other re-writable media
Very low system resources required

The Windows Registry is a place where all programs add important configuration data to. When you start your computer, Windows always checks its Registry to let all installed software know local settings, paths of the programs, last opened documents, specific user options and much more.

Unfortunately, not every software program removes each entry it made to this registration database when it抯 not necessary anymore. Additionally, Windows itself saves data to the Registry that you probably never ask for again. As long as this concerns only a few entries, it does not matter.

The problems occur, the longer your Windows is installed and the more programs you installed and un-installed since then. Any time when a program or the system looks for Registry information, old and unnecessary entries slow down this process. Registry Washer looks what can be removed from the Registry and cleans it up!

And there is another reason why you should clean up your Registry from time to time: whatever you did on your PC and whatever you did to remove it: the Registry may still remember it! So Registry Washer also helps you to secure your privacy by deleting all this old data.

Just check it out: you will be surprised how many old sins this program finds on your machine. And do not be shocked when it will be more than some 100 or 1,000 entries!

Platform: Windows 2000/XP/Vista
File Size: 360 kb
License: Shareware, $14.99 to buy
Last Updated: Oct 21, 2013

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