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Free Window Registry Repair Help






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Full Scan: Starts an immediate Full Scan of the Windows Registry for problems. During the scanning process you can pause or cancel the scan at any time by clicking the 'Stop' button.
Custom Scan: Select the sections of the registry that you wish to scan by selecting or clearing the appropriate check boxes. Click the Start Scan button to start the scan.
Fix Errors: Once the scan has completed you will be shown a list of problems detected in your registry. You can either choose which sections to fix or the default is to select them all and click 'Fix Errors' to fix the problems.
Restore: Displays the Restore registry backup screen, where you can undo any changes to the Windows Registry made by Free Window Registry Repair after running a Scan and Fix.
Options: Provides access to the Options categories, which includes Settings and Ignore Lists.
Help: Free Window Registry Repair's help documents.
About: Displays the About screen, where you can view more information about your current installation and version of Free Window Registry Repair.
Exit: Exit Free Window Registry Repair.
Select Item: Check the current registry entry in the list.
Deselect Item: Un-check the current registry entry in the list.
Select All: Select all registry entries in the list.
Deselect All: Cancel all registry entries in the list.
Save as Text: Save all registry entries in the list to a text file.
RegEdit: Open the Regedit and locate at the current registry entry in the list.

Command line options:
'-repaironce' will run the software be unattended. Than scan and fix registry errors. After fixing, the software will be exited.
For example: "C:\Program Files\Free Window Registry Repair\Regpair.exe -repaironce".

If you like Free Window Registry Repair, please feel free to donate, any donations large or small are greatly appreciated. Your donation, therefore, means a lot to me and will help me continue writing programs and maintaining the website. 

Thanks for your help.

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